UK Fiancee Visa is a UK Family Visa designed for a Thai Fiancé(e) of a British citizen (or someone settled in the UK) to come to the UK in order to get married.

Once the visa application is approved, the Thai fiancé(e) will be allowed to stay in the UK for a period of up to six months and must get married to your British Fiancé(e) within the given amount of time.

  • After getting married, the UK Fiancee Visa Holder must then apply for a UK Spouse Visa from within the UK.
  • Prior to receiving the UK Spouse Visa, the UK Fiancee Visa holder is not allowed to work and is not eligible to receive Government benefits including jobseekers allowance or low income support.
  • After receiving the UK Spouse Visa, the Thai Spouse will be able to work freely and is able to receive Government benefits in the UK for 2 years and 9 months.
  • If the marriage is still continuing after 2 years and 9 months, the Thai Spouse may apply for Leave to Remain (LR) and stay for another 2 years and 3 months.
  • After the initial Leave to Remain period of 2 years and 3 months, the Thai Spouse will finally become eligible to apply for the Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) for permanent stay in the UK.
  • Children of the overseas Fiancé(e) that are younger than 18 years old are not allowed to enter the UK as dependents on the UK Fiancee Visa unless it can be shown that it would cause serious problems if they are not allowed entry at the same time. Therefore in most cases it is better to wait until after the UK Spouse Visa is granted to apply for entry of dependents.


  • To be eligible for the UK Fiancee Visa, the Thai Fiancé(e) should apply for entry from outside the UK. (Only in exceptional circumstances can a Thai Fiancé(e) be eligible to apply from within the UK).
  • Both parties must be free to marry.
  • You must have met your future spouse in person.


You need to consider the following when applying for a UK Fiancee Visa: Applicants must have a valid passport for travel to the UK, with a validity date of at least 6 months beyond the intended period of stay, and all previous passports or travel documents if available.

  • Applicants must be eligible for, and meet all requirements of the UK Fiancee Visa.
  • Applicants should also understand that some visa applications may have additional requirements or administrative processing and they should adhere to the regulations when advised of this possibility.


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  • Applicants should have completed and signed the application form.
  • Applicants should bring a passport-sized (45mm x 35mm), appropriately taken colour photograph of themselves.
  • Applicants should bring the supporting documents relevant to the application.
  • Applicants should pay the UK Fiancee Visa fee.
  • Applicants should review the information provided by TSL for the local processes in Thailand and be aware of the strict security procedures.
  • Not all applicants require an interview and if it is necessary, it is normally because the Visa Officer requires more information. Interviews are usually done by phone with the help of an Embassy interpreter. There is no need for an interview when the application is submitted. If necessary, applicants should be well prepared for the interview.
  • Non-settlement category visas such as UK Visitor Visas generally take up to 15 working days to be processed. If the applicant has previously visited the UK, US, New Zealand, Australia or a Schengen country during the previous 5 years, the processing time may be shorter (5 – 7 business days). However, settlement category visas can take from 2 to 3 months.
  • The duration of the application process is not always the same. Delays can occur if the British Embassy requests additional support documents or evidence. The progress of your application for a UK Fiancee Visa may be checked online, but the success or rejection of an application will not be known until collection of the documents.

TSL UK Fiancee Visa Services:

TSL’s staff will provide you with comprehensive support and guidance to ensure that the UK Fiancee Visa application process goes smoothly, and may include (but not limited to) the following:

  • Consultation with our Immigration Specialist to provide you with clear and logical advice about the application process and confirmation that the applicant is eligible for a UK Fiancee Visa.
  • Full review of the UK Sponsor’s and the Thai Fiancé(e)’s personal, financial & employment history, and a comprehensive checklist of required documents for the applicant and the sponsor.
  • Assistance with preparation of application forms and supporting documents required for the UK Fiancee Visa.
  • Filing of the completed application package. Submission of your visa application to the proper government agencies. (Note: TSL Visa Service Fee does not include embassy or government fees).
  • Careful arrangement of all correspondence with government agencies.
  • Expert advice on how to handle the consular interview.
  • Unlimited assistance over the phone with our Visa specialists.
  • Access to consultation with Lawyers with specific expertise depending on the needs of each case.
    Communication with the processing administrators on behalf of the applicant.
    Proper preparation for the telephone interview if required.
    If necessary, assistance with obtaining police clearance report or medical examination.


  • Please keep copies of all application forms and support documents, and take clear notes of specific questions that you are asked and the answers that you give. This will give TSL what it needs to assist you in case your application is rejected.
  • The advice of an immigration consultant to obtain your entry clearance will save you significant time and cost, compared with the cost of a solicitor to help overturn the refusal of a UK Fiancee Visa for a Thai national.
  • Before you start, we recommend that you should speak with one of TSL’s Visa & Immigration Specialists, or request further information about UK Fiancee Visa applications for Thai nationals.

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