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TSL & Associates (Thailand) have in-house experts with the breadth and depth of experience to reduce risk, improve performance and incease the bottom-line of your business in Thailand

Doing business in any foreign land is a challenge, and requires expert knowledge of the local legal requirements and regulations, local business practices, local market and economic conditions, local culture and customs, and local environmental considerations.

Doing business in Thailand has its own set of specific characteristics, which lead to tremendous opportunities for the astute and well-prepared foreign business or entrepreneur.

Thailand’s economy continues to grow significantly faster than Western markets, and is one of the most attractive places to do business because of strong government incentives, sufficient infrastructure, relative transparency, and the skilled and cost effective labour available here. Doing business in Thailand is also stimulated by well-defined policies geared towards liberalization and free trade, social and political stability and the country’s strategic location in Asia.


  • Business organizations in Thailand are classified as either (a) companies, (b) partnerships or (c) sole proprietorships. Foreign companies wishing to do business without setting up a company, may also establish a branch office, a representative office or a regional operating headquarters.
  • Thai Company establishment requires an initial business registration. Preparing the documentary requirements and proper filing in the concerned government agencies is a difficult and time-consuming process.
  • To choose the most appropriate type of Thai Company to suit your business needs, the knowledge and advice of an experienced Thailand lawyer is recommended. TSL’s lawyers have the legal expertise and experience of international business practice as applied in Thailand to provide you assistance with the most appropriate solution to your business Thai Company establishment.

There are several options for Thai Company establishment:

  • Registered Ordinary or Limited Partnership,
  • Representative Office, Regional Office, Branch Office or
    Limited Company

The most favoured form of Thai Company for Expats doing business in Thailand is the Limited Company because of its flexibility.


  • Establishing a Thai Company can be very complicated if you have not done it before, and may take you several weeks to complete the process. This is mainly due to the registration procedures: detailed document requirements for Thai language. At TSL & Associates, our experienced lawyers (Expats and Thai) have the language and expertise to communicate in Thai on your behalf and successfully review your company registration.
  • TSL & Associates can also provide assistance in setting up efficient tax solutions for your company. Our lawyers are experts in the field and can advise clients on the correct basis for assessment of tax liabilities, overcharging, exemptions and incentives provided by the Thai government.
  • For your convenience TSL & Associates can help you set up a Thai Company while getting you a Thai work permit and a Thai Visa at the same time. Please contact us to assist you with your Thai Company registration !
  • Choosing a Thai law firm specialising in international law to assist you with your Thai Company establishment will ensure that the business is properly registered and avoid having legal difficulties in the future. If you would like assistance with choosing the type of business structure and setting up the Thai Company please consult TSL.

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