When you are ill or injured, you go to the hospital or the doctor for professional help. When a legal problem surfaces, you go to a lawyer. But which one?

Most people do not have a personal lawyer like they do with a personal doctor. The law can – and does – impact you in a multitude of areas, including business dealings, personal injury, criminal charges, family issues to name a few.

Sometimes you can handle them by yourself, but most likely,you don’t know which laws affect you and how. That’s where we come in.

Our “People-Focused” services with 20+ years of law experience assist both Thais and Foreigners – with our international reach – work through their legal issues. And at affordable rates. Take the time to check us out. You will be glad you did.

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TSL is your One-Stop Legal Services gateway. From Family Law to Business Law, from Real Estate to Litigation, from Criminal Defense to Probate, we are your full-service law firm for Thais, Expats and Tourists.


TSL can help with marriage registration, marriage visas based on income, marriage visas based on parentage, and obtaining marriage eligibilty certification. TSL can provide expert and efficient support, ensuring your marriage visa process remains the joyous occasion it should be.


Are you starting a business in Thailand and need professional legal guidance through the legal requirements of the Foreign Business Act or for obtaining Work Permits for you employees, TSL can help you.”


Many types of legal issues affect families including Marriage Registration, Adoption, Divorce, Child Custody, Wills & Trusts, Estate Planning, Probate, sending your child abroad for school and more. TSL can help you with any of these legal and visa matters


Buying a property in Thailand involves many factors. TSL’s Property Lawyers can assist you in making a worthwhile real estate investment, and limit the risks. Whether it’s buying a Condominium, Title Search, Transfer of Title, conducting due diligence, TSL has the expertise you need.

Legal & Litigation

Need Notary Services, or help with Power Of Attorney, Thai Wills, or Litigation services such as Medical Malpractice suits, Debt Recovery, Personal Injury Claims, Mediation, Arbitration, Trade Disputes, Intellectual Property? TSL’s Litigation Team has years of legal experience assiting our clients with a desired legal outcome.


Are you looking for fast, reliable and accurate translation services at an affordable price? TSL’s in-house translators can process your marriage registration documents, divorce certificates, school certificates, diplomas, transcripts, contracts, wills, court documents and patent information on time, at a great price.

International Immigration Law & Visa Services

Do you need a Visa or Work Permit for
United States
United Kingdom

TSL can facilitate on belalf of a Thai citizen, a Australian Tourist Visa | Fiancee Visa | Spouse / Marriage Visa | Partner Visa | Family Visa | Student Visa and Working Holiday Visa.


TSL Canada Visa Services provide legal assistance and support in applying for a Thai citizen to obtain a Canadian Tourist Visa | Spouse / Marriage Visa | Family Member Visa | Student Visa, Work Visa and more.


Our European Union Services include assistance in getting Schengen Visas for travelling, living or working in the member countries of the European Union.