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TSL & Associates provides civil, criminal & corporate litigation services nationwide.

In our business there is no room for doubt. Our clients will attest that TSL is the most respected Law Firm in Thailand.

Thai Litigation Services – In our business there is no room for doubt.

As our clients will attest, TSL & Associates is one of the most trusted and respected law firms in Thailand.

Our Thai Litigation lawyers understand that our clients’ lives depend on the quality and commitment of our legal team.

  • Thai Litigation Services provided by TSL & Associates include both civil and criminal cases throughout Thailand. Our experienced Thai litigation lawyers include members that have prior experience as former police officers within Thailand. This insider knowledge of how the Thai legal system works, allows us to effectively address your civil or criminal issue.
  • Being charged with a criminal offense in Thailand is a serious matter, and many crimes, particularly drug-related crimes, can carry a life-time prison sentence or even the death penalty. TSL & Associates has decades of experience with the evolving Thai legal system, and we provide our clients with a significant advantage in criminal cases.
  • For each case our lawyers initiate a thorough discovery phase to be able to completely analyze a client’s position and form an overall legal strategy. This process will include interviewing the client and supporting witnesses, procurement and review of documents from the government ministries and police.
  • TSL & Associates is a name that commands respect in Thailand, being known as Trusted, Successful and providing Leadership in the legal services industry throughout the Kingdom of Thailand.
  • Experienced & Reliable Trial Counsel – Our lawyers approach each case with diligent, aggressive and thorough investigation, and as a result the firm has successfully represented clients in contract disputes, real estate defaults, fraud, misappropriation of funds, injury and insurance settlements, wrongful death, and defended corporations and private clients in all aspects of civil Thai Litigation.

The Legal System In Thailand:

  • Thailand’s legal system is based on civil law. Most of the Thai laws are codified, however, in certain cases the general principles of equity are taken into account. Stare decisis or compliance with former decisions of the Supreme Court is not mandatory, but is persuasive in the adjudication of disputes.
  • Thailand does not have a a jury system. Cases are decided on the merits of the evidence submitted by each of the parties. Alternative dispute resolution is encouraged and settlements are reached between the parties are respected by the court. Discovery procedures are an unfamiliar concept in the Thai system. Actual damages are often awarded, but punitive or exemplary damages only rarely.
  • Thai natural and juridical individuals, as well as those domiciled in Thailand can bring suits against any defendant. Non-nationals and non-domiciled individuals and entities can sue defendants domiciled in Thailand. Foreign persons or entities suing in Thailand need not be physically present in the country during the entire course of the suit. A lawyer in Thailand may file suit on the foreigner’s behalf, and the foreign litigant may reserve personal appearance only when required by the court to give testimony against the contending party. Jurisdiction is determined by law alone. Venue may be waived, or may be subject to the agreement of parties.
  • The petitioning party is responsible for requesting the court to issue the summons against the respondent. A separate petition must be filed to request the court to serve the complaint and summons to the defendant. A reasonable amount of time is allowed for the service. If the defendant is not domiciled in Thailand, service of summons must be done through diplomatic channels. Foreign judgements are not enforceable in Thailand. A separate suit needs to be filed, and the foreign judgement is presented as evidence in the new case. In such cases, the court will necessarily examine whether the foreign court which decided the case had jurisdiction and whether the judgement was final.
  • Like in most countries, the burden of proof in criminal cases like murder or rape is proof beyond any reasonable doubt. On the other hand, civil controversies like breach of contract or rescission require a mere preponderance of evidence.

Thai Litigation Cases – Litigation Specific To Thailand:

  • Foreign transactions in Thailand had rapidly risen in the recent years. Relations, both business and personal, have found its way into the system of Thailand. This, too, has inevitably resulted in the increase of Thai Litigation cases.
  • Thais are generally known to be non-litigious people. However, the influx of foreign residents and guests has brought the Thai Litigation and judicial system to activity.
  • When faced with a legal controversy, foreigners are advised to secure the services of a Thai lawyer. This is because all legal processes, including arbitration proceedings, are done in the native language. Pleadings for submission to judicial bodies are submitted in Thai as well.
  • Similar to the rules in most countries, only lawyers who are members of the local bar are allowed to appear in court and other legal venues.
  • TSL & Associates has a team of foreign legal professionals from the Americas, Europe and Asia who are committed to extend impeccable service to its foreign clients. Hand in hand with their Thai counterparts, TSL & Associates delivers Thai Litigation service in the following fields of practice:
  • Criminal Law – Fraud, Drugs, Imprudence, Negligence, Money Laundering.
  • Civil Law – Breach of Contract, Debt Collection.
  • Family Law – Divorce, Child Custody, Child Visitation, Child Repudiation.
  • Personal Injury – Torts, Medical Malpractice.
  • Labor Disputes.
  • Extradition.
  • Intellectual Property Disputes.
  • Trade Disputes.

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