Superior Sports Agency

Superior Sports Agency (SSA) is a professional sports agency representing existing and prospective professional athletes throughout the world. Headquartered in Bangkok Thailand, SSA has represented talented athletes in Thailand, parts of Asia, China, Japan, Turkey, Korea, Europe and USA.

SSA recognizes that while players have honed their skills on the basketball courts, football fields and other arenas to obtain their levels as professionals, very few have simultaneously developed the knowledge and ability to manage the business side of professional sports. Indeed, professional sports is, at its core, a business.

Often, this lack of business training can be attributed to the fact that majority of accessible talented professional athletes are young. Their youth is both a blessing and a curse – a blessing for their elevated athleticism and the curse for their lack of training and experience in dealing with the sometimes-harsh realities of the business world.

This is especially true when the athlete lives in one country and chooses to play in another country. SSA’s advantage is that it is a subsidiary of TSL & Associates, Thailand’s leading law firm specializing in immigration and visa requirements. Fluent in English, Thai, Cantonese, Mandarin and other foreign languages, TSL experts can facilitate immigration and visa issues for players seeking to play for teams in other nations.

Too many times sports news deal with athletes who have been shortchanged or otherwise misdirected in managing their finances through badly negotiated contracts, unethical business managers and/or accountants and other tactics that take advantage of both the player’s skills and the player’s lack of business acumen.

That is why transparency is the hallmark of every agreement, contract or other business arrangement that SSA negotiates and/or reviews on behalf of its stable of skilled professional athletes. SSA make certain the player understands fully every detail of every paragraph and how the player is affected in every instance.

Moreover, if the player wishes to avail himself or herself, SSA’s specialists in financial planning will assist the player to protect and grow his or her estate provide security for the time the player decides to retire.

SSA recognizes that the key element of success every player/agency relationship is trust – mutual trust that goes beyond a mere business relationship. The player must be firmly convinced that his or her agent truly has players best interest at heart. SSA works diligently every day to earn that trust and, once established, do everything in its power to maintain and strengthen that trust. In other words, PSM recognizes that its obligation to its clients goes beyond simple fiduciary obligations.

For example, SSA recognizes that its obligation as an agent goes beyond the strict player/team contract to include looking out for the player’s overall security. This is especially true when it comes players playing in foreign countries. Players need assurance about language barriers, where to live, their personal safety, what their options are if their team suddenly ceases to exist because of financial insolvency.

These are but a few of the instances that reviews in detail before recommending an agreement for its client/player.

These are but a few of the potential pitfalls and a skilled player may face and for which SSA can serve as both a shield and a flashlight to find the right path forward. Professional players need professional business help.

SSA in every way strives to help player receive his or her maximum benefits and security. Through proper focus on our client’s growth, opportunity, revenue, security and satisfaction, SSA can be the client/player’s partner the goal every person seeks in life – happiness.


Our vision goes beyond the typical agency/player relationship that seeks to secure the maximum benefits negotiating team/player contracts. Rather, SSA’s vision seeks to protect the player and look out for his or her best interests in these negotiations and further assist the player create a successful business foundation that will inure to his or her benefit after the player chooses to retire from professional sports.


Our mission is to help clients/players achieve their goals as players and as managers of their own affairs, which in turn, will help mold them and develop them into more business-savvy individuals and respected, successful members of society once their professional playing days come to an end.